Video Essay: Dolores & Prairie: Damsels in Distress?

Here’s my first video essay exploring the similarities between the visual representation of two strong female characters: Westworld’s Dolores (HBO) and The OA’a Prairie (Netflix).

The damsel in distress trope has long infiltrated the small screen and while there still remain female protagonists in need to be rescued by a male superhero, Dolores and Prairie are certainly not among them. They defy the notion that women are the weaker sex by demonstrating physical strength and mental knowledge that far surpass the traditional representation of women in television. It’s not surprising, then, that in both TV series, there is a woman present at the director’s stand.

More women involved in the writing and directing of TV shows and films visibly shows a difference in the representation of women.

Interestingly enough, despite driven by different reasons, both Dolores and Prairie are desperately seeking for freedom, for the truth, for enlightenment. I found the similarities in their scenes mesmerizing and I wonder if their characters are the beginning of another trope in the popular culture.

Hope you enjoy my video!

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