Film Focus: La La Land (2016)

La La Land is a gentle but transformational love story that’s bound to make you reminiscent of past lovers, current fears, and forgotten dreams.

Film Focus: Hidden Figures (2016)

Hidden Figures surely is one of the most important films of 2016. It portrays the stories of three African-American women whose ambitions and ability to dream big, but above all, hard work, manage to earn them the deserved professional recognition and personal respect, as they evolve their career paths and status in NASA, both as women and…

Video Essay: Dolores & Prairie: Damsels in Distress?

Here’s my first video essay exploring the similarities between the visual representation of two strong female characters: Westworld’s Dolores (HBO) and The OA’a Prairie (Netflix). The damsel in distress trope has long infiltrated the small screen and while there still remain female protagonists in need to be rescued by a male superhero, Dolores and Prairie are…

Film Focus: Tempestad (2016)

Injustice is still very much alive and seemingly thriving among the population of Mexico. The monsters live among the common people. No one is fully protected and safe. Tatiana Huezo’s painfully beautiful documentary, Tempested, serves as a brutal example of what it means to be a victim in your own home country, to be a…

The Best TV Series of 2016

From HBO to Netflix, with all the variety of programs and films today, people simply want good television, and they want more of it!