Why Christina Yang is the Epitome of Contemporary Femininity

There must at least a hundred articles analyzing what can be described as the most colourful character from Grey’s Anatomy – Christina Yang. She is strong, motivated, hard-working, ambitious, independent, and absolutely sassy! She is what every woman secretly aspires to be, even if her nature can appear cold and harsh at times.

When you’re surrounded by wolves, you have to a wolf yourself: a motto that may perfectly fit the masculine world of Mad Men, yet this conversation is entitled to include females in the boys club.

Since women are more than ever involved in job practices typically considered to be male, such as being a surgeon, there is no doubt females must be firm in their honesty, bold in their dreams, and strong on their feet.

Here’s a couple of reasons Christina Yang is the perfect contemporary female role-model.

Looks fade away. It’s the brain that matters.


In this reality-television-inspired reality that we live, we are now more than ever interested in the lives of others. With the help of social media and the never-ending filters, everyone aspires to show themselves to be living the most dreamy life. In reality, sooner or later, however, looks fade away. It’s your knowledge and spirit that shall remain, having touch the many people in your life journey.

Settling for a mediocre life is a waste of time.


Life is too short to be chasing someone else’s dream or ambitions for you. If you believe that you’re destined to do something, you shouldn’t stop until you reach your goal. If you perceive that there is something missing or something wrong with the lifestyle you’re having, it is, above all, up to you to change it.

Accomplishing your goals means working hard.


Complaining won’t get you far, unless you actually act upon changing the status quo. That doesn’t mean it won’t be difficult, it simply means it will be worth it.

Believing is half the journey.


When life gets difficult, it’s easy to stop believing in your dreams or abilities, but keep in mind that success means going through many rejections until you reach the final destination.

Sarcasm is one way to overcome people’s ignorance.


Just because you have high demands and big ambitions in life doesn’t mean that you should keep your attitude serious at all times. On the contrary, one must be able to joke with the daily paradoxes of existing, because, let’s face it, there are plenty of them.

Honesty is the second best policy.


Nothing can beat the truth, even the prettiest white lies. Ultimately, life’s about honesty – with each other, and most of all, with oneself.

Money is not the answer. It’s meaning that you need to seek.


We all need to money to survive: first of all, by keeping our physical needs satisfied on a daily basis. It’s the soul that can get left behind if one focuses too much on getting money instead of achieving their true purpose.

The people you surround yourself with will shape you.


It’s equally important to have people you can count on and people who get you – people you can share every little worry or secret with.

Strength is not simply in building muscles, but also in taking care of your soul.


Many young women today choose to focus on their career rather than pursue their love interests. When you have no one but you to count on, you don’t feel the disappointment of people letting you down so often. I’m not saying one is better than the other, or that love always leads to disappointment and pain, but merely acknowledging the difficulties of finding true love and the many sacrifices that come along. Choosing to remain alone is, of course, equally challenging, but a valid choice that should not be looked down upon.

Always strive to be your best version.


After all, true serenity lies in the ability to love yourself and be at peace with both your strengths and flaws.

There is good and bad in everyone, but ultimately, we should strive to be better people and look for the good in everyone that comes our way.

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