Big Little Lies (2017) Brings Female Power to the Small Screen

Numerous studies show that even today women are not only perceived, but also often placed in the supporting roles rather than portray one of the leading characters. Thus, male dominance continues to represent the norm both in film and television.

Why Christina Yang is the Epitome of Contemporary Femininity

There must at least a hundred articles analyzing what can be described as the most colourful character from Grey’s Anatomy – Christina Yang. She is strong, motivated, hard-working, ambitious, independent, and absolutely sassy! She is what every woman secretly aspires to be, even if her nature can appear cold and harsh at times. When you’re surrounded by…

Video Essay: Dolores & Prairie: Damsels in Distress?

Here’s my first video essay exploring the similarities between the visual representation of two strong female characters: Westworld’s Dolores (HBO) and The OA’a Prairie (Netflix). The damsel in distress trope has long infiltrated the small screen and while there still remain female protagonists in need to be rescued by a male superhero, Dolores and Prairie are…

The Best TV Series of 2016

From HBO to Netflix, with all the variety of programs and films today, people simply want good television, and they want more of it!

The coffee revolution or ”coffee porn” in Castle

Sipping from my second cup of caramel latte for the day brings me memories of one my favourite TV series. Castle, which essentially represents a crime-comedy-drama type of show, is one of the most caffeinated productions I have ever binge-watched. I wonder now if I’m overly addicted to coffee because I’ve watched shows like Castle…