5 Movies for All Electronic Music Lovers

The transformational power of music goes beyond any message that words can ever on their own transmit. Check out some of the most powerful electronic music movies!

5 Films That Will Change Your Life (Part 2)

What determines the course of your life is not so much how much effort you invest into understanding it, but rather how you react to everything that happens, both to you personally and to the entire world.

10 Films to Make Your Christmas Even More Magical

Christmas is one of the most magical holidays because it’s the time of the year when families gather together, friends reunite, and cities all over the world are full of lights and love. It’s the time of the year when we bring presents and presence into the lives of the people we love the most….

Film Focus: Amor Crónico (2012)

The film follows the road trip, the adventures and the glamorous shows of CuCu Diamantes as she goes on tour in Cuba. Amor Crónico represents a project that has evolved from a simple documentary of the tour to an actual feature film. What’s more, the film portrays contemporary Cuba, its sounds and sites, its culture and…

5 Films that Encouraged Women to Travel (Part 2)

Earlier this year, I posted an article about films that encourage women to travel (Part 1), yet I’ve always considered the list to be incomplete. Thus, in a somewhat second part to the article, here’s another five titles to further get you inspired to travel, to get to know the world, but also yourself. The reason I’ve…