15 TV Shows to Get You Through the Quarantine

One day we’ll be telling our children about the COVID-19 quarantine we faced in 2020: how we had to stay home for months, how we turned to TikTok videos for entertainment and how introverts slowly but surely took over the world… But let’s not skip forward yet.

The good news is that even in these unprecedented times we still have video streaming platforms, hooray!

Here are 15 suggestions that will give you something to watch for the next few weeks. You know you’ve seen Friends a million times, so why not give another show a try!

The Office

If you miss hanging out with your colleagues, The Office is the perfect show to soothe the office banter nostalgia. Beware – Michael Scott will most certainly raise the bar as the world’s best boss and your regular work life might never feel the same. On the plus side, you’ll hear a lot of good ‘That’s what she said!‘ jokes.

Schitt’s Creek

The Rose family is the craziest and most addictive dysfunctional family. You’ll laugh and cry with them as they lose everything and re-discover what it means to be there for each other.


Don’t feel bad if you’re missing study groups and college lessons. You can get your daily learning dose straight from the TV. Community feels like a human experiment at times, but so does life lately. Prepare for some unexpected life lessons and some unforgettable theme episodes!

Rick and Morty

The most genius escape from the current events. Rick and Morty has so many references in its plot that it might take you more than one watch to get them all. I only wish I hadn’t seen it so I can experience it for the first time!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brilliant cast, surprisingly rich characters and unbelievable plot twists: Brooklyn Nine-Nine to the rescue. Season 7 is now rolling, but in the meantime you can watch all six seasons on Netflix.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Agency

Crazy enough to surpass the premises of reality today. Hence, a perfect fit for a binge-worthy show during the quarantine. With Dirk Gently’s Holistic Agency the plot thickens after each episode. Based on the novel by Douglas Adams, it’s one hell of a fun binge-watch.


A binge-drinking princess who befriends an elf and a demon, what can go wrong? Stabbing Prince Charming and burning down a village, to begin with… Disenchantment is original, authentic and certainly keeping up with the latest trends.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Magic comes in many forms. A little bit of teenage drama to distract you from the coronavirus quarantine? You guessed it. Fun fact, Sabrina’s warlock cousin Ambrose is, in fact, punished to never leave the house. Maybe you can borrow some inspiration from his home hobbies!

Kim’s Convenience

Gay discounts, Korean culture references and plenty of sneak attacks: Kim’s Convenience makes the perfect binge-watch show. It doesn’t matter where we come from or where we’re going, at the end of the day we’re all the same. The one trait that connects us more than anything else is humour and Kim’s Convenience has all the heart and humour you can imagine.

Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is a family tale that never runs out of whimsical situations and surprising life lessons. Best part: it has 10 seasons of escapism to offer!

Modern Family

When self-isolation has us all stuck at home, it’s inevitable that for many of us that means more time with your loved ones. Every now and then, family can be too much. Modern Family perfectly captures that feeling, but it also delivers a range of episodes dedicated to all the special people in our life, because, well, they deserve some gratitude and appreciation.


If you like conspiracy shows and need something a little bit more serious, then Chernobyl is definitely the show for you. Some say the current coronavirus situation resembles the Chernobyl crisis & frankly, I don’t disagree!

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Following a great film adaption starring the brilliant Jim Carrey, Netflix brings to life an equally mesmerising TV adaption of the books. A Series of Unfortunate Events will no doubt keep you entertained with its amazing screenplay and cinematography. What’s more, Neil Patrick Harris makes a fantastic villain!


Women rule the world. Period. Short and sweet, Fleabag is the quirkiest show you can add to your TV list during the quarantine. Side effects include talking to an invisible camera and directing your day-to-day life in your mind.

The Good Place

Last but not least, The Good Place. One of the best shows to discover, experience and re-watch ever made. Why not brighten your days inside with a philosophical quest into the afterlife!

Stay home and binge-watch shows, everyone 🍿

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