Film Focus: Just Mercy (2019)

The truth will set you free, but not in a corrupted society. That’s the moral lesson, folks. You have two options: do the easy thing or do the right thing. We’ve been tempted by the rich and privileged for a long time now and followed their rules with the promise of living a good life. Unfortunately, these rules never took into account all the exceptions — exceptions made for them and them only to benefit.

The truth has never been as essential to uncover and accept as it is today. Yet people are willing to close their eyes to the truth – even if it’s right in front of them – at all costs for no good reason. This is why we have men in a position of power who feel entitled that they can do as they please and get away with it. What’s worse, we have deliberately allowed them to be in charge. For no good reason. Men who have abused, who have been racist, who have been misogynistic, who have been merciless. And we will continue to ignore the truth when it’s convenient. For no good reason.

The world can be a confusing place. We are all made of good and bad. We all have good and bad days. Every choice we make, no matter how trivial, has the possibility to affect the people around us. Every single decision we make alters us just a little bit. Nothing and no one stays the same forever. Yet some mistakes we continue to repeat over and over again.

Just Mercy (2019) is a story of hope. Based on real events, the movie introduces us to Walter “Johnny D.” McMillian who was sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit. And he wasn’t the only one. A civil rights defense attorney named Bryan Stevenson creates a precedent by taking the cases of all the wrongly accused, voiceless prisoners to make sure history doesn’t continue to repeat itself.

Michael B. Jordan delivers an amazing performance. The film features a beautiful soundtrack. The screenplay keeps you entertained till the last scene. Do I need to list more reasons for you to go and see the movie?!

Just Mercy is a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to make the right choice, especially when you know you’ve wronged. It is never too late to ask for help, or forgiveness.

“Hopelessness is the enemy of justice. Hope allows us to push forward even when the truth is distorted by the people in power. It allows us to stand up when they tell us to sit down and to speak when they say be quiet.”

The truth will set you free whether the people are ready to hear it or not as long as you are ready to tell it. As long as there are people who are willing to fight for the truth rather than fight the truth, there is still hope to be found in today’s world.