Film Focus: La La Land (2016)

It breaks my heart sometimes when I think of all the times when love just wasn’t enough. They say finding someone to love, and love you back, is one of the rarest & most precious things in life. To keep hold of it would be a top priority. Right. Yet life’s never as easy as that. Or is it?

We are imperfect creatures. The beauty of La La Land is that it captures it all too well. At the end of the day we need to hear about the imperfect love stories as much as – if not more – the happily ever after tales.

Let’s be honest, the dating culture nowadays is messed up. All the digital shortcuts make it seem like it’s more fun and ever so easy to find your true soulmate. Through a carefully selected number of like-minded individuals who tick all your boxes and cover your visual expectations, you’re expected to feel the butterflies as your gaze lies upon their silhouette. But they’re not there. And they’re not coming anytime soon.

Love is not about making up some terms and finding someone to agree to them passionately, or even obediently. It’s not about asking the right questions, or hearing the right answers. It’s about welling up with the right feelings. Unfortunately, you don’t get to pick who you develop those feelings for. They enter your life one day and life’s never the same.

La La Land tells the tale of two lovers who find each other unexpectedly in this big, wild world full of dreamers and achievers. As each of them hopes to achieve their dreams, love blooms between them, turning them into a better version of themselves. Love is to grow together and help each other succeed, especially when it almost seems impossible, for it is us that set our limitations after all.

La La Land is a gentle but transformational love story that’s bound to make you reminiscent of past lovers, current fears, and forgotten dreams.

You know how the saying goes, ‘No man ever steps in the same river twice.’ With each next re-watch, you’d be a different version – a different life lesson awaits each time too!

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