10 Films to Make Your Christmas Even More Magical

Christmas is one of the most magical holidays because it’s the time of the year when families gather together, friends reunite, and cities all over the world are full of lights and love. It’s the time of the year when we bring presents and presence into the lives of the people we love the most. It’s also the time of the year to remember what truly is important in life: that magic resides in the little things, that no dream is too big, that hope is always to be found, that love is the answer, that miracles really do happen.

So here’s a couple of movies to inspire you beyond the festive mood and to guide you how to fully express your gratitude and love to the most special people in your life!

10.Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

…it’s a frame of mind!

Oh, what a joy it is to be a child and have no worries but the one to prove that Santa exists! It’s the kind of movie that makes you remember that the child within you will stay with you for as long as you let it. If you silence it, it will perish it; but if you let it be a friend, it will surely lead you to both big miracles and little moments of magic in the everyday life.

9.Stardust (2007)


What better time than Christmas to witness the birth of new love, one between a man and a fallen star. A fairytale that makes you shine brighter and brighter as you watch, because the more the story unfolds, the more you fall in love with the film!

8.Polar Express (2004)


As the Little Prince says, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” This is an animation both for kids and adults, for it has lessons for all. To believe in friendship and love is the same as believing in magic: one must remember it in order to feel it!

7.Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)


Whether you go for the classic cheery version, or choose the newer and more eccentric one, each film has plenty of joy in store to bring. Going into the Chocolate Factory is indeed a magical and tasty experience to share with friends and family – after all, it’s the perfect excuse to open the sweets!


6.Love Actually (2003)


A modern love classic, Love Actually brings the worst and best of the holidays, but, ultimately, it leaves you feeling hopeful. One of those movies that make you appreciate even more the people you have in your life, why not write them a special Christmas card or just call them to remind them of your love!

5.A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)


Around Christmas time, there’s always at least one part of Harry Potter on TV. This Christmas play a different film, one which will take you to a similar journey of unfortunate events and show you that even when life gets difficult, there’s always light and hope to be found if you seek for it.

4.About Time (2013)


Another love story that illuminates you with its main lesson – life is short and you must always strive to fully live in the moment, thus, not only appreciating it, but also making the best out of it! Life can be a magical journey, but it’s up to us to create it and live it as such.

3.Elf (2003)


Over the years, Elf has established itself as one of the must-see films during the holidays. The mighty elf’s magic is so strong, it successfully transcends the TV screen in order to reach its viewers, giving each and every a bit of his strong belief in the Christmas cheer. You’re likely to be in a good mood for a long while after watching it!

2.Home Alone (1990) or Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)


There cannot be a holiday celebration without Home Alone, call it a rule or tradition. With his brave heart and rebellious soul, Kevin McCallister teaches us all that you don’t simply mess with kids on Christmas!

1.It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)


The ultimate winner, of course, remains the classic It’s a Wonderful Life. If you must choose one film to make you remember what Christmas, but also life, is all about, it is this one. It is indeed a wonderful life, you just need to open your eyes for the little moments and open your heart to truly embrace the magic!


Happy holidays, everyone, and Merry Christmas!

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